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Elektror - Industrial Fans and Blowers

Elektror is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial fans, industrial blowers and side channel blowers. Its product portfolio includes centrifugal fans, axial fans, roof fans, conveying blowers, ATEX fans, free-wheeling radial fans as well as single and double-sided side channel blowers. Our decades of experience in industrial fan construction and in ventilation and air technology enable us to manufacture the right industrial blower for virtually any application. We can develop a bespoke and efficient blower for a customer's own industry and application because we use materials like aluminum casting, steel and stainless steel as well as a wide performance range.


Which industrial fan do you need?

The right industrial fan is as individual as your application in many cases. Our extensive blower range and the various functions and features on the industrial fans enable us to supply the right industrial blower for virtually all industry and air technology processes. We offer industrial blowers with centrifugal designs in various models. Our low pressure blowers, medium pressure blowers and high pressure blowers are available in virtually all sizes. We have stainless steel blowers and explosion protected ATEX fans for demanding applications and you can rely on our conveying blower if you are conveying light bulk materials. Industrial fans with axial designs are also available as low pressure fans and medium pressure blowers as well as weatherproofed roof exhaust fans. We supply an extensive range of accessories for all of our fans and blowers. We offer numerous options to customise fans and side channel blowers, from components for fastening and mounting the fans easily, features to reduce oscillating and noise through to the Airknife for creating a laminar air curtain.


Areas of application, sectors and industries

Our industrial blowers and side channel blowers can be found in virtually every industrial sector and processing industry due to the extensive air options that they offer. We mainly focus our activities on the following industries of industrial fans: vacuuming technology, drying technology, food and beverage industry, cooling, air and ventilation technology, heating technology, water technology, environmental engineering, conveying technology, the textile, plastics industry, packaging and printing industry.


Individual advice and industrial blowers

Our major strengths lie in the advice and bespoke designs that we can offer for a customer’s own industry. Please do not hesitate to contact our product management for industrial fans directly if you have questions about our fans and side channel blowers or need professional advice or individually designed fans.