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Axial Fans for industrial applications

Axial flow fans are used when a high volume flow is required with low pressure. An axial blower has an impeller rotation axis that is parallel to the air flow. The functional principle of axial fans is similar to a ship propeller or a plane propeller. The Advantage of the axial design is the high air volume combined with a low flange diameter and small axial fan as well as tube axial fan sizes.

The Elektror axial flow fan range covers a capacity up to 200,000 m³/h and approx. 5,200 Pa.

We offer three axial fan series:

MAF medium pressure blower, HAFC high pressure blower and weatherproof MAFR roof fans.

Axial flow fan for medium pressure ranges

We offer the MAF and MAFR series for our medium pressure blowers up to 2,000 Pa. Both series are axial flow fans that build pressure and volume flow with a rotor made of plastic or aluminum. The required velocity can be generated with a direct drive or belt drive. Many industrial fans can be regulated with a frequency converter. The MAFR series (roof fan) is weatherproof and has an additional cover for the exhaust. This vertical mounting of the fans enables easy operation.

Axial fan for high pressure ranges

Elektror is a supplier of axial high pressure fans in the HAFC series. This ventilation system reaches pressure up to 5,200 Pa. Two engineered impellers with blades rotate in opposite directions. The axial fans are made of plastic or aluminum. The two rotors facilitate high compression. In addition, these axial flow fans are supplied with a direct drive or belt drive. They can also be regulated with an electrical solution: a frequency converter.

Axial fan made of steel or stainless steel

As a supplier of different types of blowers, Elektror offers axial fan housings in painted, galvanized, powder coated steel or stainless steel versions. All parts that come into contact with the medium like rotor, blade and impeller are also made of stainless steel. All stainless blowers are resistant to corrosion.

Explosion protected ATEX Axial Blowers

ATEX fans are used where sparks must not occur as sparks can cause explosions. Our standard axial blowers are not available for hazardous atmospheres. However, Elektror can upgrade them to an ATEX design on request.

Individual advice and Axial Fans for your application

Professional advice and an individual blower selection is what counts for Elektror. Special engineered designs are daily work for Elektror. Please do not hesitate to contact our product management or get a catalogue if you have further questions about our axial flow fans.