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The product finder enables you to preselect the devices that meet your requirements. You can look for the operating point you need and find the variety of fan and blower options that Elektror supplies. The more information you enter, the more helpful the recommendations will be.

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Do you need a complete overview of our products? Then you will succeed in achieving this with our product overview. You will find all Elektror fan and blower series on one page: aluminum, steel, stainless steel or low pressure, medium and high pressure fans and blowers. We also offer explosion proof ATEX fans and roof fans.

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Conveying Blowers for industrial applications

Elektror is a manufacturer and supplier of conveying centrifugal blowers. These industrial fans are especially set for conveying materials that convey lightweight and non-abrasive bulk material. These conveying fans include free impellers made of steel plates or stainless steel with radial blades. There is high material wear with direct, pneumatic conveyance. Some residues remain in the conveying blower. The Elektror housing cover that can be screwed on and off ensures easy handling in such cases. Inspection and cleaning tasks can also be carried out easily. Our conveying fan or conveyor is part of the medium pressure blower range.  Their engineering is based on several standard blower types. Our largest conveying blower at present has the ability to generate a pressure up to 7,150 Pa. We don’t recommend using silencers for conveying fans. The conveying blowers are only available in a centrifugal or radial design but not as axial fans.


Drive options for conveying blowers

We are the sole supplier of the RDF series with a direct drive. Our large air volume conveying blowers in the CFMT series can be equipped with a direct, coupling and belt drive.


Conveying Blowers made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel

Elektror Conveying Blowers are manufactured for the direct transportation of material and bulk materials. Their robust engineering and the freewheeling centrifugal impellers can generate an air flow up to 12,000 m³/h.

Exploxion protected ATEX Conveying Blowers

Conveying blowers can’t be supplied as ATEX fans and are not designed for explosive areas.

Individual advice and Conveying Blowers for your application

Professional advice and an individual blower selection is what counts for Elektror. Special engineered designs are daily work for Elektror. Please do not hesitate to contact our product management or get a catalogue if you have further questions about our Conveying Blowers.