Individual Solutions

Customised Air Systems

Do you have a specific notion or general requirement that no other commercially available device can meet? Elektror's consultants and engineers will work with you until every detail is just right – to help you find your individual solution.
We will solve your problem – that's a promise.

Name your requirements!

Understanding is the basis of every good solution.

Whether you are a customer or an interested party, just contact us and tell us what you need. Based on the know-how of our field technicians, it's also possible that they will find potential ways on site to improve your operation that you might be unaware of.

There are many possibilities to then reach a joint understanding of the task at hand: with written queries, sketches and diagrams, process descriptions, expressed desires, framework or general conditions etc. Some offers will already be very detailed, while others may only be rough at this stage. This is also no problem, as initial questions will be clarified in a personal discussion.

Finally we test the offer in the team and prepare a first notion of what a solution could look like.

Developing the approach together

A quick and pragmatic path to a prototype.

At Elektror, we form internal project teams, in which you will of course be integrated. In a dialogue with you, the task at hand will be examined more closely and important points clarified. If required, we will also carry out our own measurements and calculations on site.

When we speak of an "individual solution", we mean it. We look at special challenges in close coordination and together we adjust any custom-tailored proposals. As far as the situation calls for it, we will, at an early stage, visit the location where the Elektror industrial fans will later be used.

We carry out feasibility studies and provide you with a first rough cost estimate. We take this phase very seriously, since it makes it possible to reach effective solutions.

Absolute clarity about the project

We give you numbers and facts.

Next you will receive designs and proposals, in detail with functional diagrams, 3D models, test records etc. that are always already based on the actual data of your systems. Everything is discussed in a joint conversation and – if requested – we will also make a recommendation.

This will put you in the position of making an in-depth decision about the project, so that our concrete offer stands at the end of this phase.

Your individual industrial fan is created

Seamless integration in the system

Now the actual construction in the Elektror team starts. Housing size, performance and all other technical specifications are precisely coordinated to the intended purpose of the machine. All details are implemented as discussed, always on the basis of our know-how based on decades of experience and unique to meet your special requirements. You will also be closely involved in every phase of the creation of the industrial fan.

Once the customer has concluded the installation phase, we check the device and its integration in the ventilation technology of the system. This is how we ensure the system will function optimally under the actual conditions and circumstances.

Until everything fits perfectly

The optimisation potential becomes clear in the practice test.

Next, we take additional measurements to determine where air and thus energy can be used more efficiently under the actual circumstances. Even if the system runs flawlessly, there is often additional optimisation potential – that is only natural under complex and dynamic general conditions. That is why an Elektror project never ends when the device is handed over.

If necessary, of course we don't limit our optimisations to the Elektror devices, but instead we look at the entire ventilation technology of the system, for example by correcting unfavourably located piping. We are not satisfied until you are.

The air moves as it should

Now you can start mass production.

In the end, your individual solution will of course also include individual documentation, e.g. certificates, protocols, operating manuals, construction data, 3D data, scale drawings etc.

In brief: your solution can now be mass-produced. Of course it is up to you whether you reproduce the solution or leave the production at "batch size 1".

We will stay in contact

Even long-term, a good investment.

Our solid die-cast as well as steel/stainless steel solutions are designed for great durability. Our hallmark is our highly durable bearings, which in almost all cases do not require maintenance until after 22,000 hours of service.

Of course we do not leave our customers to their own devices. We will also maintain contact via our sales representatives and the Product Management team to be able to help you if the extensive documentation should not be enough.

  • A Fresh Breeze For Käpt’n Iglo

    At Frozen Fish, in the largest deep-frozen fish factory in the world, an Elektror construction ensures that the batter is spread optimally on the fish sticks. The new system is more powerful and more cost-effective at the same time.

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  • Seven In One Blow

    To supply vacuum to a complicated production line, the packaging machine manufacturer Hinterkopf used seven different devices. Elektror now has the same work carried out much more efficiently with a single blower.

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  • Breathing Life Into Halls

    arcus offers hall systems on the basis of canvases filled with air. Everything depends on the efficient, fast and even filling of the hall elements. With Elektror's solution, the system is much faster and saves 7,000 kW/h.

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Some of our work examples

Here you will find many pictures of Elektror devices and individual products. Get an idea of our great range of individual possibilities. Just browse through the images.

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What can we do for you?

Are you planning an individual manufacture yourself? Maybe you think an existing solution in your company is less than optimal, and you would like to explore the possibilities with one of our ventilation technology specialists.

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