Plant Manufacturing

Plant Manufacturing

Customised plants often require unconventional solutions.

The requirements that apply to plant manufacturing for plastics processing are enormously high, the pressure to succeed is immense. Industrial blowers by Elektror play a vital role at leading plant manufacturers because of their proven track record in the world of plastic production. For those working in specialised areas of application, it's important to have a partner who can be relied upon to apply creativity and commitment to the entire process, from innovative idea to finished design. It's even better, if the partner – like Elektror – can deliver solutions that exceed production standards when it comes to highly specialised requirements.

Despite the enormous range of Elektror products, every now and then it is necessary to customise blowers. In these cases, the combination of "plastics experience" and innovative strength that is typical of Elektror comes into its own.
We guarantee reliable and on-time implementation of custom solutions of exceptional quality. Development, individual 3D models, prototyping, computer-aided stress analyses and, finally, the test series in the test laboratory – Elektror sets standards as a proven partner to the plastics industry, from granulate to finished product.

Just one example of our excellent cooperation with a leading plant manufacturer is outlined below. Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH based in Ispringen, Germany, has used blowers and side channel blowers by Elektror for many years. KOCH-TECHNIK is one of the few full-service providers of peripheral systems for processing plastics. The company has made a name for itself with systems and appliances for mixing, metering, conveying and drying synthetic granules. Granulate dryers by Koch enjoy a first-class reputation among plastics producers worldwide. In addition, KOCH-TECHNIK also manufactures systems for supplying materials to complete injection moulding and extrusion lines.
Since reliable operation and outstanding quality at KOCH-TECHNIK cannot simply be left to chance, the company has consistently relied on blowers and side channel blowers by Elektror.
In the enclosed PDF "Koch relies on Elektror", you can find out more about the partnership and read some interesting background information.

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Custom designs, in particular, undergo intensive testing in the ventilation test laboratory. Oscillation and motor test benches are a guarantee of safety for us and our clients.
We support their ideas through to the commissioning stage: blowers integrated in a granulate dryer
First and foremost, Mr. Brkic appreciates the long service life and flexibility of Elektror blowers

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