Systems and Solutions

Ready-to-install ventilation systems

Saving energy and improving performance? For this, the blower must be installed intelligently into the existing system so that it can achieve maximum performance. The solution? Individual and ready-to-install complete solutions from Elektror!

Saving energy through intelligent air supply

If the ventilator or side channel blower is installed correctly, you will enjoy energy savings and improved performance of the unit. That's why it is all the more important to install the ventilator into the existing system intelligently, so that it can provide maximum performance.The factors influencing this performance are the pipes' diameters and lengths, bends and other resistance impacting the flow. Just like in an orchestra, each component of a system must be perfectly coordinated to the parts of the system carrying the air.

The experts at Elektror have specialised in the optimal design and calibration of the components in such a system. The Elektror-specific knowledge regarding the construction and design of ventilation systems led to the decision to create the “Systems and Solutions” department. The objective is to create installation-ready and individual complete solutions that are coordinated to the system according to relevant requirements, based on decades of experience and close collaboration with customers in all industries and applications.

We handle all of the design and construction all the way to the installation-ready delivery of the complete systems and modules. Whether you require installation-ready drying modules or an air cabinet ready for connection and equipped with various devices and functional units: The variance and the challenges associated with that are as versatile as the construction of machines and systems. Let us handle your ventilation projects in our hands and you will receive an energy-effi cient system.

Benefits of a system solution

  • „Plug-and-play“: Installation-ready complete solution

  • Individual: Custom-tailored design of the system

  • Cost-efficient: Energy and cost savings

  • Reliable: We look after your ventilation technology

  • „All-in-one": Solutions from a one-stop shop

  • Professional: Decades of practice in design and construction
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  • System for central air supply

    Development of a project-related system solution for a central air supply both on the suction and the pressure side.

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  • Drying module for cleaning systems

    Development of a module that is used by means of aerosol separation for parts drying.

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  • Extraction module

    The development of a mobile module which is used for the extraction of ionised air.

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  • Drying module

    The development of a drying box for hygiene articles.

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  • Test stand blower

    The design and delivery of test stand fans which should be adjustable on two axes by a single operator.

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  • Hot air blower unit

    The design of a ventilation system to develop an air purge and hot air blower unit.

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  • Cooling module

    The cooling of forged parts.

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