High-speed blowers optimised, service life increased

1 Mar 2013 | Elektror

The demand for the new blower generation came from the industry: more volume at constant pressure, compact and high-performing at the same time.

This is only possible with higher rotational speeds. However, it is not possible to just dial the rotational speed "up" as high as one wants. Conventional impellers soon reach certain limits. One of the fundamental prerequisites for the development of high-speed blowers is the optimisation of the air supply. We achieved this with the new series of high-speed blowers.

Whereas standard blowers reach rotational speeds of 3,000 min-1, the new high-speed blowers can reach rotational speeds of 12,000 min-1. The challenge was to obtain a corresponding impeller stability that could control the high rotational speeds and the standing time of the device, but primarily of the bearings. These were achieved through the use of hybrid and ceramic bearings as well as the optimisation of the impeller and housing.

The result was a compact type series that is marked by very constant pressure behaviour even at higher volume flows.

Thus the new high-speed blowers are custom-made for cutting tables in the textile, automotive and supplier industry, vacuum technology, bottle drying as well as pick & place applications or in large filter- and dust removal systems, e.g. in foundries.

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