Elektror celebrates 90th anniversary

18 Nov 2013 | Elektror

↑ Company founder Karl W. Müller     ↑ Elektror headquarters in Esslingen in the 70s


Started as a one-man craft business we have developed over the decades into an international industrial company.

It all began in 1923 in Esslingen am Neckar as "Elektro-Motoren-Handelsgesellschaft". Company founder Karl W. Mueller showed courage and ventured despite continuing hyperinflation to step into self-employment. His idea: repair of and trade with motors. Business was good and so already two years later he built up his first own engine production. From this point it went steeply uphill for the former one-man business. Even the world economic crisis he managed almost unscathed thanks to his prudence and energy. In the coming years the product portfolio grew significantly: Elektror produced from sewing machine motors to drill and circular saw motors a great variety of standard and special drives for various applications. In the field of manufacturing sirens Elektror also was a brand that was well known for reliability and quality far above of the Esslinger borders.

But also the basis for today's product range was laid early. In 1935 Müller conceptualized the first extraction and fire lighting blowers that already at that time followed the basic principle of nowadays radial and side channel blowers. In 1949 he went into mass production of blowers.

Over the years Müller enlarged the production several times, as the old production areas were no longer sufficient. In 1959 he died unexpectedly and his wife, Margarete Müller-Bull, took over the management of the company. Under her leadership, Elektror became one of the leading international companies for air technology. Due to the concentration on the core competences over the years blowers and side channel blowers as well as the construction of our own engines for these devices were moved in the focus of business.

On March 17th, 2002 the "chief" (that's how the employees called Ms Mueller) passed away and her shares went to the Margarete Mueller-Bull Foundation. Since the death of Ms Mueller-Bull important strategic decisions are made together by CEO Ulrich W. Kreher, the Elektror Management, the Board of Directors and the Foundation Board in order to ensure that the company's goals and the stated purpose of the Foundation will be achieved.

Today we employ approximately 250 employees, spread over the headquarters in Ostfildern, the production centers in Waghaeusel and Chorzów as well as numerous offices and agents worldwide. In total, more than 50,000 units annually leave our two manufacturing facilities - and rising. The investment of ten million euros into an expansion at the site Waghaeusel shows that we have very specific growth targets and plans for the future. "Every year we set ourselves ambitious goals, which can be only reached with a strong team. We invest heavily in new products and markets, as we here see great potential for us", said our CEO Kreher positively.

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