Trade fair Schüttgut 2014 - Air as an all-rounder for bulk materials

14 Apr 2014 | Elektror

Conveying, drying and dedusting with blowers and side channel blowers

The applications of the bulk solids technology are numerous and in many cases technologically very complex. The real power of air and the possibilities offered by this medium, in this connection are often misunderstood or underestimated.

But the use of air, especially in the areas of drying and conveying of bulk materials and dust removal offers many advantages compared to mechanical solutions. Particularly in the case of bulk material handling, air as conveyor medium can score points in terms of efficiency and costs. Mostly the material is transported indirectly, i.e. it is conveyed contactless and not directly through the blower. In this procedure wear, friction and losses are minimized. In addition, such a conveying is relatively easy to install as no delivery tanks or belts are required but only a conveying duct. For light solids a direct transport through the blower is also possible.

Whereas for material conveying the focus is on high pressure or side channel blowers, drying and dedusting rather need high flow rates. We provide the right solutions for all these requirements within bulk solids technology. Our product range includes both single/double stage side channel blowers and high speed blowers that provide a lot of pressure, as well as low and medium pressure blowers that can move very large volumes of air. For direct transport mostly conveying blowers with special conveyor wheels and revision possibilities are used.

Bulk solids technologies can be found within a wide range of industries and thus under a wide variety of operating conditions. Thus, for example, hygiene plays a very important role in the food industry and in the chemical / pharmaceutical area safety and explosion protection have top priority. Also for these industry-specific tasks, the customer finds numerous customization options in the Elektror portfolio. Within the ranges of the industrial blower manufacturer blowers made of stainless steel, steel or cast aluminum as well as with various coatings can be found. Many of these devices are available in explosion-proof ATEX version. For many years now we advise, supply and serve companies from the bulk materials technology. Frequently, application-specific solutions are on duty, which were developed in cooperation with the customers. From 21 - 22 May 2014 we present our air technology solutions on the "Schüttgut 2014" in Dortmund (Messe Westfalenhalle) in Hall 6 at booth R47.

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