Elektror informs about rapid prototyping in pre-development

21 Nov 2016 | Elektror

At this year’s conference of the fair Formnext Elektror airsystems gmbh presented new findings about the application of rapid prototyping for pre-development and optimization of industrial blowers.

Our flow expert Anna-Lena Luiz explained in a thirty minute talk how rapid prototyping largely improves the pre-development of industrials blowers at Elektror.

The use of scaled down blowers, which are produced quickly and cost-efficiently by means of additive manufacturing (3D printing), lead to the expected success. This enables significantly more optimization loops und thus development of more high-quality and more efficient products.

To realize this project extensive preliminary investigations were necessary. For example the appropriate additive production process for the highly stressed functional models had to be identified. Furthermore the transmission of the characteristic curves, which were measured at a little model, to the big original is targeted. In the meantime this development work is established at Elektror and is also used for customer projects.

Two years ago Elektror founded the new department “Technology Development & Simulation”, of which Luiz is also part. This department investigates everything around industrial blowers. Besides the preliminary design and calculation of new blowers they put focus on the investigation of interactions between several blowers, flow simulations and load analyses of quickly rotating high pressure blowers. The department also offers several services to customers.

For further questions regarding our investigations please turn to TSD@elektror.de

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