Research and the future

"The company belongs to the mmb foundation. This
provides Elektror not just with financial independence
and long-term planning safety, but also room
for future development projects."

Ulrich W. Kreher, Managing Director

A life-long learning process in the Elektror Denkfabrik






Exchanging knowledge with our customers:
Open day for the users

The Elektror Denkfabrik (german word for think tank) was started in 2008. On the one hand,
it stands for a systematic personnel development concept, on the other hand for an
up-close exchange of knowledge between Elektror's employees and customers.

The challenges of the future come in many varieties: Globalisation with a new complexity
of markets and increased competition and innovation pressure,
demographic changes and the consequences for the job market and the
employability of workers, new technologies with drastically reduced
development and product lifecycles, an economic structure change… and
much more.

To react to these changes pro-actively and to secure the company's success in the
long term, a new understanding of knowledge and learning is needed. Knowledge can no
longer be acquired at the beginning of one's life, but must be continuously revised and
expanded. Knowledge has become a significant factor in achieving a decisive value and competitive advantage.
That is why Elektror invests in the consistent expansion and preservation of intellectual
capital in the form of the Elektror Denkfabrik.

Highest customer satisfaction is our goal, and that is why you are the focus of our actions and our thoughts. The Elektror philosophy aims for optimal solutions that are
found in a constructive dialogue with the customer.

In this context we look forward to welcoming you to selected "education tidbits",
free of charge of course. During Elektror's open day for users, we provide
an open exchange on different subjects in ventilation technology in a casual atmosphere
and present the latest news about our company.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the next open day for users or would like to register or be notified:

Andrea Wasserbäch
 Tel.: 0711/31973-1145