Elektror quadruples production capacities for large-volume fans

22 mars 2013 | Elektror

New production centre at the Chorzów (PL) site

Just over five years ago, we expanded our product range to include large-volume fans in axial and radial models. It soon became clear that the room available for management and production at the Zabrze (PL) site would not be a long-term solution.

The demand and requirements of the customers developed in an extremely positive way, so that we finally relocated the production to Chorzów, approx. 15 km away, in the past year. At 3,200 m², the modern factory building at the new site now offers four times as much space as well as a directly connected administration building. We invested a total of around € 3 million in the purchase of the new premises, a new production layout as well as numerous new machines and equipment. With these modern production procedures and high-quality systems we make sure that only products that meet the highest quality standards reach our customers – irrespective of the production location.

With the improved production conditions we are now also capable of manufacturing significantly larger and higher-performing fans. The possibilities seem to be almost unlimited and the maximum versions of these “giants” are truly impressive: Up to 450 kW output, 10 t weight, 2.5 m impeller diameter as well as air capacities up to 580,000 m³/h and 37,000 Pa.

For the opening ceremony, we welcomed high-ranking representatives of the city of Chorzów, the management board of the mmb foundation as well as local press at the new production site.


Planning for new construction in Germany running at full speed

In the production centre at the Waghäusel site, the space for the production and logistics structures is also almost exhausted. The new steel sheet enclosure manufacture and the new high-tech lacquering facility also require additional space. That is why we are investing an additional € 10 million and will utilise the directly adjacent expansion areas for the construction of an additional factory space. The existing manufacture space will thus be expanded by 3,600 m². The construction of the new building is planned to be completed by spring of 2014.

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