Topping out ceremony in Waghäusel

22 janv. 2014 | Elektror

On January 22nd, 2014 our new production hall was inaugurated with the topping out ceremony.

After all the guests were assembled, around 3 o'clock the huge topping crown was transported on the roof of the new shipping offices with the help of a construction crane. Then a carpenter inaugurated the new building with the traditional topping speech. In his speech he thanked the architect, the hall owner as well as the workers. Last but noch least he asked for God's blessing for the new hall.

With a total of three big sips of wine the speaker drank to the health of homeowners and at the end of his speech threw the wine glass down on the ground. You need to know: If the glass breakes, everything is going to fine, if it remains intact, that would be a bad omen - the glass of our carpenter fortunately shattered into a thousand pieces.

Afterwards there was a hearty meal in the shell construction of our new technical center. The workers enjoyed food and drinks and also a slightly earlier closing time.

The Elektror employees are already very excited about the completion of the expanded production in summer this year and all of them are looking forward to the start of production (and of course to the opening ceremony).

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