The development and the focus on family

10 jul. 2019 | Elektror

From a small company with only a few employees in 2007, the number of staff increased to almost 150 in 2019. Despite such a spectacular change and global scale of operations, Elektror remains a family company with long-standing traditions and care for employee relationships. We remember that our success depends on a well-coordinated team and it is important for us to meet and integrate, also inviting our relatives and friends.

Recently, one of the most important events for us was the Family Picnic (29/06/2019). The event was held in an exclusive  Silesian rope park where we organized many attractions,  tasting of delicious live cooking and Mexican specialties from the food truck, regional craft beers and a machine for making cocktails, also in Elektror’s colors. To make the event even more interesting we established a special team, whose aim was to prepare a series of competitions and engaging games such as the family and employee’s tournaments and department wars.

A true spirit of competition, great atmosphere and a huge portion of fun once again showed how well we can spend time in our group and how beneficial it is to follow the Elektror values. We are proud to be a company that cares not only for our clients but also for employees.

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