Application tips

The challenge

“To work on such challenging, international projects in such a friendly environment – I don't know where else I could find anything like this.”

Anton Gareis, Assembly Team Manager

Show us who you are!

You can apply using our online form or send your application by mail or e-mail. No matter how you send it, a complete application is your first step to success!

Your cover letter

The aim of your cover letter is to tell us clearly why you think you are the right person for the job. Make the best use of this opportunity and describe your strengths and qualifications. Tell us why you are motivated to work for Elektror. Tell us what parts of your curriculum vitae correspond to the requirements for the position.

Our tip: Demonstrate your strengths with examples from your professional or private life and keep an eye on spelling and grammar.

The curriculum vitae

Your curriculum vitae should primarily describe the most important points clearly and chronologically:

  • Your personal data
  • Your background with school and professional education or course of study as well as professional activities
  • Any subsequent training or education and additional qualifications as well as language and computer skills

Our tip: Structure your curriculum vitae in chronologically descending order, starting with the current situation and working backwards. Also include your phone numbers and e-mail address.

School reports and certificates

Include all documents required for the position: School certificates, training certificates or college references, documents demonstrating professional activities, internships and additional qualifications. If you are still studying, a preliminary grade point average will suffice. In general, unauthenticated copies are fine.

Our tip: For school certificates, the highest attained level is sufficient. If there are any additional qualifications, only include the most significant and most current (past approx. 5 years). With respect to job references, the last four jobs are obligatory. Again, please have these in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting with the most current and working backwards.

The photo

An application photo is not mandatory, but it can be useful in putting together an optimal presentation of yourself. Your attire as well as your entire appearance should be well-groomed, restrained and suitable to the position that you are interested in.

Our tip: The format and size is up to you, but please use pictures of good resolution and colour quality.


We prefer applications submitted via our online form or via e-mail. That is why it is best to combine the appendices in a single PDF-file.


We wish you great success with your application!