Education, dual course of study

Theory and practice

"After I finished studying, I started working at Elektror and was directly in the middle of developing a new product series. Now I am settled here and could add further studies or additional training. Maybe I'll still go for my Master's Degree."

Lars Pfotenhauer, Development

Start your career with training or a dual course of study at Elektror!

Are you going to graduate soon and want to get your professional future started? Regardless of whether you opt for training or studying at the Baden-Württemberg University of Cooperative Education (DH)– at Elektror, you've come to the right place. With Elektror on your side, you will get your career off on the right track and at the same time a launchpad to an exciting career.

Optimal future perspectives with professional training or University of Cooperative Education studies with Elektror!

Elektror puts special emphasis on training and education. We consciously aim our training program at junior staff members and meld theory and practice as closely as possible. You will take on responsibility early on and will be actively integrated in projects. At the same time you will be working in an environment that fascinates you and meet competent and qualified colleagues. Benefit from numerous professional training opportunities as well as state-of-the-art technology, because your continued personal development is important to us.

As a trainee or DH student, you can use our cafeteria in Ostfildern and in Waghäusel. Except for a small contribution of your own, we will pay the required VVS ticket and our share of the company retirement plan.


Our trainees and DH-students organised the annual closing party independently. You as a team will take on the responsibility from the preparation of the invitations to catering to the entertainment.

You will take an active part in the trade fair planning for the annual training trade fair at the respective site. And of course you will also personally take part in this. Because nobody is better at talking about the training or the DH-course of study than you as a trainee or DH student yourself.

The training is completed – what happens next?

After successfully concluding your training, we continue to support your development and offer interesting possibilities for further work or additional training.

Training at Elektror

Industrial Manager

The 3-year training as Industrial Manager takes place at the Ostfildern site in cooperation with the John-F.-Kennedy-School in Esslingen. It begins in September and is marked by a strong combination of theory and practice.

To be eligible for this course of training, we look for good grades in the subjects of maths and German. Ideally you have already taken the subjects of economics, accounting, practice company, etc. Given the corresponding qualifications, it is possible to reduce the training period.

Industrial Mechanic and Electronics Engineer for Machines and Drive Technology

We offer the 3 ½-year training as an Industrial Mechanic as well as an Electronics Engineer for Machines and Drive Technology at the Waghäusel site with the Balthasar-Neumann-School in Bruchsal. If you opt for the training as an Electronics Engineer for Machines and Drive Technology, you will also take part in block instruction for 12 weeks in the Max-Eyth-school in Kirchheim/Teck in the 2nd year of study.

The pre-requisites for industrial training are an interest in handling machines, manual dexterity, understanding technical correlations, spatial imagination as well as good grades in the subjects of maths and physics.

Working abroad

In our company, training abroad is a firm part of professional training. Together with your trainee colleagues, we offer you the possibility to train in Poland in the context of our “promotion of intercultural experiences” project. During this stay in Poland, which will last several weeks, you will be working at our Chorzów site, take language courses and go on trips in the vicinity.

In the implementation of trainees' visits abroad, we work with Go.for.europe's department for international traineeships. Additional information can be found at:

Social week

The acquisition of social skills is very important to us. That is why we work with mehrwert gGmbH. In the 2nd year of training, it is possible to gather experience in another area: In the period of one week, you can work in a social institution and learn to look at aspects from a different perspective. Additional information can be found at:

DH studies at Elektror

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Business Studies?

Together with the Baden-Württemberg University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart, we train Bachelors in the areas of Business Studies, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering specialising in Automation at the Ostfildern site.

The 3-year course of study begins in October and is divided into alternating theory and practice phases that last approx. three months. While practice and project work is prepared in the first semesters, the Bachelor work is completed in the sixth practice phase. You will receive ongoing monthly compensation.

The prerequisite for being accepted to a dual course of study, aside from a training contract, is a general higher education entrance qualification, a higher education entrance qualification that corresponds to the selected field of study or an equivalent prior education recognised by the Ministry. In addition, it is possible – given a general higher education entrance qualification – to take a test at the University of Cooperative Education to demonstrate suitability for the course of study.

In every case we will carry out the registration for the course of study at the University of Cooperative Education.