Groundbreaking for the expansion of production at the site Waghaeusel

2013年9月11日 | Elektror

Elektror invests ten million euros in order to produce on more than 10,200 square meters in the near future

Already in 1942, nineteen years after the company was founded, our success story begins in the Waghaeuseler district Kirrlach. For over 70 years we produce at this location and now, just in time for the 90-year anniversary, again expand our production halls.

With the ground-breaking ceremony on September 11th, 2013 the head of the construction company Werner Schmidt-Weiss, mmb Foundation Board Chairman Franz Longin, Mayor Walter Heiler, CEO Ulrich W. Kreher and plant manager Markus Fuchs (see image, from left) launched the construction project "Expansion of production Waghaeusel". On the plot, which connects directly to the existing production, an extension hall with 3,600 square meters of new production area is built up. The total we have available for production in Waghaeusel, so grows to more than 10,200 square meters. The production in the new hall, in which we invest ten million euros, is supposed to start in the summer 2014.

"Reliability in the future, environmental awareness and energy efficiency are not just buzzwords, but daily business at Elektror" said Kreher. Thus, heat from exhaust air will be used to heat the air, a photovoltaic system feeds solar power into the electricity grid and our own combined heat and power plant supplies the missing energy in the form of heat and electricity. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute efficiency and transparency of the production structure and the logistics processes were optimized to realize productivity gains of up to 30%. An efficient and environmentally friendly painting system and the new sheet steel manufacturing are essential components of the expansion. Previously focused on cast blowers, in this course we make clear that we are following the entry into the steel and stainless steel blowers segment emphatically.

Also for Mayor Walter Heiler this day was a cause for celebration. He thanked Elektror for our long loyalty to the location and wished a long common future with Elektror for the city Waghaeusel. As representative of the major district town Waghaeusel with a grin he finally handed us half a red dot for a construction license.

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