App for ventilation performance indicators

2017年11月15日 | Elektror

Elektror airsystems launches its first App which calculates ventilation performance indicators in a plant.

The expert for industrial fans has developed an  App called “Smart Air“. With this App required information with regards to airflows in a plant can be calculated.

Due to the easy-to-use interface, the results can be quickly and easily generated.

After inputting the pipe diameter, pipe length and preferred flow rate, the app displays all results. These are pressure losses, air velocity and power consumption.

Resistances in the airsystems, for example shaped parts and transitions can be added separately. Therefore the user can quickly recognize, which impact such as pipe bends or narrowing’s have on the ventilation performance.

All calculated results can be saved and sent via E-Mail. After Download the app can be used online and offline.

Since October the „Smart Air“ App is available for IOS and Android for free. At the moment it can be downloaded in German and English language for Smartphone and Tablet. Further languages are following.

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